1. In 2021, Family Promise provided Emergency Shelter for 53 people, 4977 bednights, 14,931 meals, average length of stay 97 days, and prevented 102 families from becoming homeless with rental assistance.

2. Family Promise Day of Giving (online) is Thursday April 28, 2022, with all proceeds funding the HUMI Challenge Grant. HUMI is a nonprofit organization working with communities to fund and create programs to help families facing a housing crisis.

3. Bed Race: July 30th volunteer opportunities! Looking for couples volunteers to help organize and run the Bed Race in Canandaigua. Leadership will be provided to help set-up tables, display signs, log in race participants, and run the race. Also, looking for a team of 5 to run the race with a VFPC pre-made bed. Event runs that Saturday morning from approx. 8am-12pm.  See Rich Cromwell for details.