Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church in Victor!

Our church was incorporated on September 13, 1798, by the Reverend Reuben Parmele.  At the first worship service, so many folks attended (around 400), that the service was held outdoors – in mid-February!  At our founding, we belonged to the Congregational church.

Land for our first church building was purchased in 1804, and a plain frame structure with a steeple was built on Boughton Hill.  The building was used by several denominations without problem for many years.

In 1827, our congregation reached an agreement that allowed the church to maintain connections with both the Congregational and Presbyterian churches.  The congregation did not commit entirely to the Presbyterian Church until 1858.

Our current church building was constructed in 1832.  The original structure was a 40 by 50 foot sanctuary with a gallery and a spire.  The pulpit was above the pews at the north end of the sanctuary, which is the back of the sanctuary today.  In 1860 an addition was put on the back of the sanctuary, moving the pulpit to the south end where it is today, and the present steeple was built, making room for a 1700 pound bell, which was used by the community as a fire alarm and a call to meetings.

In 1957, the basement of the church was rebuilt into the current fellowship hall (Corey Hall).  At the same time, a new Christian education building was constructed.

In 1971-1973, the narthex was rebuilt, and the sanctuary and narthex were both redecorated.  At this time, the original 1832 pulpit was refinished and restored to the sanctuary.  The sanctuary was renovated again in 1989-1991, when the blue carpet and new pews were installed.

We completed major capital campaigns in 1998 and 2002 that have raised more than $500,000 and enhanced and expanded our church buildings and programs.  In 1998-2000, the pipe organ was refurbished, and the stained glass windows were completely restored.

Since 2005, there have been many changes to the physical facility and the faith community.  The building has been updated with a new heating system, fire monitoring, a renovated kitchen, a renovated fellowship hall, new exterior signage, fresh exterior paint, new landscaping, the addition of a public gazebo and more.  We have welcomed well over 100 new members during that time, and celebrated the addition of two (2) new staffing positions (Sunday School Program Coordinator and Youth Ministry Director).  Earlier this year, thanks to the generosity of the congregation with a recent capital campaign, we were able to fully pay off the mortgage for the 2002 building expansion and delight in the possibilities of now being debt-free.

The Mission activity of the community has also grown significantly, and now features a free community supper three (3) times a month, an international partnership with an orphanage in Uganda, urban-suburban programs with Maggie’s Kids and a Book and Blanket program with RCSD elementary school, and deep support for the local Food Cupboard, which has grown its ability to address local hunger needs by nearly 400% in this time.  Our exciting newest commitment is to being a founding congregation in support of bringing Family Promise (Homeless Sheltering) to Ontario County.

Welcome to FPCV, and enjoy the adventure!