We Proudly Support

In addition to our hours of service and labor, we are also a tithing congregation. A full 10% of all income to our operating budget is set aside for mission support both locally and internationally.

Some of our mission support goes to national and global mission activities, sponsored through the Presbyterian Church (USA). They include:

  • General mission: also called validated mission, this is a pool of funds collected through the national church that is used around the world to meet many human needs
  • One Great Hour of Sharing: a special offering taken once each year at Easter, used to provide emergency disaster response, refugee relief, and the resources people need to rebuild their lives
  • Christmas Joy: an offering that is used for two purposes: to invest in historically black colleges, and to support retired Presbyterian ministers who lack other support
  • Peacemaking Offering: taken in October each year, this special offering supports activities around the world that develop spiritual, family, national, and global peace
  • Pentecost Offering: taken on Pentecost Sunday, this offering supports children at risk and ministries serving youth and adults