Sometimes when the Spirit moves we are gifted with knowing it. A couple of months ago as part of a Session meeting during the early part of the pandemic, I suggested that we as a church community might be able to take on an extraordinary mission in this extraordinary time. A mission that could be a witness in our local community to what we care about and who we are. And then the winds started to blow.

The Zieman and Mowers families who were so invested in offering the, now cancelled, mission trip at Camp Whitman this summer, chose to rise up with a new plan for service. What if we could help feed kids right here? Then in less than 48 hours two generous, anonymous donors gave gifts to our church community specifically for local mission. One of the reasons stated for these gifts was, “We want to do something to help, and we don’t know what to do. We trust that your church does good work and will make the best use of this.” What a beautiful thing to be known for and trusted with! Then, with nearly $3000 in hand, we connected with the Victor Farmington Food Cupboard and the Victor School District to see what might be possible. With great practical and communication support from these fine people, and additional monetary support from the Mission Committee here, we found a way.

Presenting: The Summer Curbside Mealkits Program! Session has committed to help serve up to 100 families in the Victor School District who are in need of food assistance during the summer. For 11 weeks on Sunday afternoons we will be distributing meal kit boxes from our parking lot to registered families.

Why take on a labor-intensive mission during such an uncertain time? Because we are followers of a compassionate and generous Christ. Why take on a financial commitment of this scale during such an uncertain time? Because this is the Lord’s money to be used for the care of God’s people while living the Gospel of Hope always. Why proceed when all the money we need, and all the labor required, is not yet secured? Because we have more than we will ever need for this opportunity, and our shared ministry ahead, when the Spirit moves in the hearts of our community. The Spirit is already moving. Thanks be to God.

You will find opportunities to volunteer for this program attached to this communication. You are welcome to send special monetary contributions to support this mission. Simply indicate “Summer Food Program” in the memo line. (We currently have just over $5000 in hand with an anticipated budget of up to $9000). Please also share the word and pray for the vital impact of this program. ~Pastor Colin