FPCV Family,

The worship committee has been busy working with Pastor Nick in trying to create the best possible worship experience for all who partake either in person or on YouTube. 

It is the belief of everyone involved that the services are more enriching with the inclusion of different voices throughout the time of worship.  For that reason we are looking for people interested or willing to take on the role of liturgist.  That includes parts of the service such as the Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession and Pardon and reading of the scriptures, but could be a variation of any of these.  The person providing the liturgy can do so in person or through a recording with either just the audio or with it including yourself on video.  For the major services such as Easter we would prefer to have that be in person.  Another form of providing additional voices is through leadership of the hymns on Sunday mornings.  This too can be offered in person or through a recording. We encourage those with little or a lot of vocal talent to offer yourself in leadership, we promise you that judging will not take place! 

Along with these opportunities it has been a pleasure seeing various artists offer their gifts in the time of offering during the service.  We would like to make this a regular part of the service as long as we have the volunteers willing to share in their talents either vocally or instrumentally with Special Music.  We have had several members share there talents already this Spring, including Benjamin Song, Isabelle Bright, Marilyn Teel, & Nick Dorland. As before, either a recording or in person performance is welcomed.  

For all of these opportunities to give back and make our worship experience special, we are asking you to follow this link to sign-up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0D4FA8A728ABFBC25-sign

Here you will be able to sign up to be a liturgist, play special music, or lead hymns during Sunday worship. Right now you can sign up for either Easter service continuing through the end of May. Your participation in any worship service is such a gift! *Please add a comment in the sign-up form if you are signing up to be a liturgist, whether you will be recording parts of the liturgy, or will be reading live in-person during worship. For special music, please comment with the instrument and the song you will be playing, if you have one in mind. 

And if it is easier anyone can always contact the Worship Committee directly to volunteer by letting the Chair of the committee know by email at deanc260@gmail.com or by call or text to 315-871-8126, please just be sure to let him know who is reaching out and he will get back to you.

The Worship Committee