Per Capita:

“What in the world is it and what does it do!?”

Most people are familiar with denominations like ours (PCUSA) having operating expenses and as such requesting churches in the denomination to contribute to help with those costs.  For many in other denominations this may have been called: assessments, dues, or apportionments.  In the PCUSA it is called per capita.  It originates from the Latin, “each person (literally ‘each head’).”  Yet, I want to caution us regarding this myopic understanding of what Per Capita actually is and does.  Yes, it covers expenses, but it also names our commitment to each other and our desire for the work of the church to continue.  This week’s Sermon will be about the many gifts of the body of Christ and how we all rely on each other from 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.  In many ways we cannot be the Presbyterian church in Victor without the PCUSA and our Presbytery’s help and resources. We cannot be the Church of Jesus Christ without everyone’s gifts and resources being shared for the greater good.  We rely on each other in mutual love and respect, not a sense of unhealthy co-dependency.

Here is where your money goes when we pay for our Per Capita.  (This is taken directly from the PCUSA website): 

Per Capita giving makes it possible for:

  • Presbyterians to discern and live out God’s call in their lives
  • Churches to connect with individuals seeking a call to ministry
  • Staff support for General Assembly committees and commissions
  • Management and coordination of General Assembly gatherings
  • Presbytery and synod leaders to gather for training and discernment
  • Counsel and support for churches in crisis (misconduct, legal matters)
  • Presbyteries to address matters of inclusion, participation, and representation at all levels of church leadership and decision-making
  • The denomination to build connections with ecumenical partners around the world
  • Presbyteries and pastors to receive support on immigration issues
  • Presbyterian history to be cataloged, preserved, and utilized by future generations

Please consider making an additional gift with “Per Capita” in the memo line ($35.58 per member).  Our offering this Sunday January 23 is a special Sunday for us to consider giving to Per Capita specifically.  Let us show forth that we appreciate and are committed to this work with our Presbytery, our denomination, and with one another.