Our Session leadership is working diligently on the search process for a new pastor. We will continue to work with our Presbytery in search of an interim pastor. Please pray for a spirit of clarity and unity amongst us that we will do good and meaningful work while searching for a pastor.

Interim Pastor Search Process

WHO: The Session is responsible for the search; it may delegate to a committee. The Session of the First Presbyterian Church of Victor has delegated the search to the Interim Search Committee which is comprised of Megan Antonitto, Jan Astles, Kelsey Bright, Carol Fowler, Steve Mowers, and Rich Cromwell. The committee will recommend a candidate for approval by Session. The Session makes a contract with an interim pastor subject to Committee on Ministry approval. The congregation does not call an interim.

WHAT: Interim pastors are called by God to serve in transition times.

  • a guide in transition
  • a comfort to the congregation during unsettled times
  • a source of freedom for the search process for the next installed pastor to take as long as it needs

WHY: Interim pastors help congregations grieve the loss of the former pastor, understand ministry in today’s context, look towards the future, and prepare to welcome new installed leadership. The interim pastor may not become the next installed pastor.