We are currently open only Wednesday and Sunday afternoons 2-5 to give out emergency food boxes in drive thru fashion. If you need food, pull up and stay in your vehicle. No documentation required and we move pretty quickly.

If you are longing to help, we are currently NOT accepting food donations (we would have to sanitize every item) or additional volunteer help. Both of these moves are to keep everyone safe and when this is over we will need both food and volunteers again and will happily accept both!

If you still want to do something to support the community you could consider these ideas:

*Google “Little Free Pantry” and consider putting a food drop off/pick up site in your neighborhood. With job losses, people who never needed this before may need help now and be too embarrassed to ask. People also may not have the money for the gas to get to us. (We’re hearing that quite a bit.)

* If you are going out for takeout or gas, consider picking up a gift card and giving it to someone who just lost their job or a health professional or pastor working extra shifts in extremely difficult circumstances.

* If you are on an email list please consider sharing our Wednesday/Sunday emergency food box distribution times and please stress that there is no documentation required and no need to show qualification. You come, you get food!

* If you are in a position to do this and would like to donate financially we are always grateful for that. We’re working with Facebook to solve this issue but currently our website will not go through if posted. You can Google us and it will come up. Also, we are extremely grateful to Foodlink right now so you may want to consider supporting that fantastic organization!

*Please consider sharing this post if you can, and thank you for friending us. We will post daily updates and happy stories!

Thank you!!!!!!