Hello Members and Friends of the First Presbyterian Church in Victor,
I hope this post finds you and yours well. I know you have likely received an overwhelming amount of information and communications during this time of the Covid 19 pandemic. Thank you for taking a moment to read through this one.
Your Session and I have mutually agreed to close the church facility for any activities until at least Sunday, March 29th. This follows the recommendation of the State of NY, Monroe County, and the Presbytery of Genesee Valley. Perhaps more importantly, this also follows the model of Jesus our Christ. Jesus embodied God’s great care for the lost, the least, and the vulnerable in society. Our decision to close the facility is to do the same. While most of us are not at great risk of contracting the virus, or are in mortal danger if we do, there are those in our church and broader community who are. Our inconvenience can never be compared to their suffering if we unintentionally bring illness into their lives. And so we, as a fellowship and communion of believers, ironically will care for our community by practicing “social distancing” for this season.
I will send a pastoral communication tomorrow with options and opportunities for ministry in this time. For today, however, let me simply share with you the structural details:

     a: In person public worship will not be available here for the next 2 Sundays. BUT **Worship will be happening! Tomorrow morning we get to share in the adventure of worshipping our God and gathering as the Body of Christ virtually. I will offer a worship experience for all via FACEBOOK LIVE at 10 am on Sunday. All you need to do is go to  https://www.facebook.com/firstvictorpres/  at that time and I will be broadcasting.**  If you do not have access to Facebook, a friend of yours does. Consider gathering in small healthy groups and sharing worship together. PS, there is no need to dress up because I won’t be able to see you.     

b: All activities in the church are canceled during this time. The one exception is the Community Dinner tonight (3/14) which will be served as take-out only. Bible studies, music rehearsals, committee meetings, Sunday School, outside user groups, the Lenten Supper VCI gatherings etc. will NOT be happening. In the days ahead I will share ways to consider continuing some of these electronically.     

c: Office hours will continue as Courtney and I coordinate communication, pastoral care, and timely ministry during this situation. If you are in need of pastoral care, I remain fully available to you. Please also be aware that much of this care may need to be via a phone call or electronic connection. (Pastor Colin 585-734-7007)
For you to do:     

1: Please spread the word to any friends and visitors you are in contact with who might not be connected to our regular email communications. (Note: I will directly call those I know, but I’m sure there are others I’m unaware of)     

2: Please take good care of one another, especially paying attention to those who may be painfully isolated or at risk in the midst of this adventure. Reach out and check-in.     

3: Fear not. Love much. Wash your hands.     

4: Remember the facility is closed but THE CHURCH IS OPEN in your lives, hearts, hope, faithfulness, care and choices. I am here for you if you need.

Be well, love much, and take care.

That’s enough for now. More to come as things change.
Be well and know that we walk this road together. If you need to reach out to me, I am here and privileged to serve as your pastor. Blessings and peace for the next steps. “See” you tomorrow.
Pastor Colin