Calling all Moms!  Moms play many roles. They have to be experts in just about everything. It’s a lot of pressure.  Are you looking to connect with other moms going through the same season as you?  We are hosting a free 6-week Mom’s group video adventure that will inspire and encourage you as a mom.   This is a relaxed, no preparation opportunity to connect- you just come, watch the video, and discuss with fellow moms.  

Who:  Anyone who could use encouragement in their journey of motherhood

Where: First Presbyterian Church (white church with steeple).  90 Main Street, Victor.  In Person in sanctuary.  Option to have virtual participation as well.

When: 6 weeks on Mondays 6:30-7:30pm starting March 7 in the Activity Room at FPCV.

What: We will be doing Mom Core with Karen Stubbs from Birds on a Wire.

Weekly Topics include:

  • Purpose: Every mom needs purpose in their life.  Karen will answer the question of how we measure success as a mom.
  • Boundaries: Boundaries are needed in every aspect of our lives, with family, friends, in-laws, and even children.  Discover what boundaries are and why they are so important in the life of a mom.
  • Time Management: Every mom struggles to fit everything into their crazy, hectic schedule.  Practical tips will be shared and a new way to view your impossible task of time management.
  • Being a Student of Your Child:  In order to parent effectively you must KNOW your child and what makes them tick.  We will be diving down into personalities and the benefits of truly knowing and understanding your child.
  • Discipline:  Taking a step back and looking at the mind set of discipline and why it is so important in the life of a child.
  • Contentment:  We all struggle with being content and not playing the comparison game.  Learn how to find contentment in whatever season you are in as a mom.

How do I learn more and participate?  Contact/IM Cathy Martz ( by March 1.  Let me know which day you would like to attend and if you may need childcare.  

About Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire is a ministry that provides Godly, practical advice so you’ll feel celebrated, encouraged and equipped to parent with confidence.

Karen Stubbs, a mother of four grown children, is an advocate for moms because she knows first-hand how difficult it is to raise children. What started as a group of eight moms meeting in Karen’s basement has grown into an international ministry with hundreds of moms all over the world. Birds on a Wire supports moms with events, Bible studies, books, a weekly email newsletter, and podcast.

Birds on a Wire is for all moms. Moms who work out of the house or in the house. Moms who have a newborn to moms who are empty nesters. No matter where you are in the journey of motherhood, Birds on a Wire is here to encourage and equip you.