Reflecting on Hebrews 4:9-5:10:

All worship of God stems from the original sabbath day of rest. Hebrews names that there is no parting of ways with Judaism in naming that there is still a sabbath rest for the people of God. Our call to worship in Hebrews is that we would enter that rest, that we would hold onto the confession, and draw near to the throne with boldness/confidence.

Spirit inspired worship in a vital church must be centered on who Jesus is, and who we are called to be. There are times where we neglect the rest, there are times where our worship falls short. The most important aspect of worship that we can never lose sight of is our genuine belief in God’s grace given through Jesus Christ. Our worship of God is central to Jesus being the one who has mediated our relationship with God.

As long as we hold to the confession of Jesus Christ as ‘the one who reconciles and makes whole’ our worship will not turn into idolatry (that idea that we make an idol anytime we place something in front of our worship and devotion to God).  To be honest, all of our worship is imperfect, all of our words fall short of fully describing or fully advocating for all that we desire.  Our approach to the throne is still done with boldness because of our recognition of who Jesus is, what Jesus has done, and how the Spirit intercedes even in our worship making it holy and beautiful before God.

Pastor Nick