Family Promise of Ontario County is alive and well and currently helping families in 3 apartments in Canandaigua and 2 in Geneva. Although our in church model has changed, there is still great work being done in our FP apartments and numerous families that have graduated from the program!

Here is a current “wish list” of opportunities congregations/ committees/individuals can get involved with, where there is no direct interfacing with the families. Please reach out to me by email, phone, or text if you need clarification or would like to volunteer for any of the tasks.   

Family Promise Congregational needs  

Donation Organizer – Assistance with large donations  

Delivery of food to our families and our graduates  

Guest Transportation – Doctor’s Appts, Mental Health Appts, SS Appts,  etc.  

Inventory specialist – someone willing to track our inventory and be  responsible for pulling items for apartments.  

Social Media specialists – Facebook, Instagram, someone willing to  make posts  

Tow & Carry Crew – Looking for team leader. As Items are donated or  acquired, straight to apartment or where they are needed in lieu of day  center storage.  

Clean & Stock for apartments – towels, sheets, kitchen items etc…Get  everything to inventory specialist. Taking inventory and bringing out  the dirty. Take laundry and linen with family as they leave.  

Congregations to adopt a new apartment, to paint, fix up…handman  type work. Once a year, freshen up with paint, clean, fix etc…. 

Office Angels, people for clerical support and thanking donors  telephonically. Notes put in data base.  

Volunteers to meet with children, to occupy children, to read to  children while parents are meeting with case worker.  

Volunteer team to go through toy and book inventory and distribution  for current items.  

Volunteer who can cut hair…  

Have a congregation adopt a family when they move in  

1. Welcome Dinner – At Day Center  

2. Transportation as needed.  

3. Keep contact with the family  

4. What personal items does the family need, where are their items  stored, etc.  

5. Teach budgeting classes, individual or with family  

6. Teach Good Tenancy Program  

Christmas Committee or Holiday Committee  

Congregational Space for Christmas 

Congregations and volunteers must understand that the families served can be encouraged to be vaccinated but cannot be forced.  Volunteers must wear masks during family contact.  

Additional items:

1. There will be new volunteer training available online in the coming weeks based on two modules, v101 and v102. This is both for new and current volunteers. Link is

2. David Simmons has taken over for Lauren Lamb as Volunteer Coordinator. He can be reached at the FP main number at 585-905-3988.

3. Our next “host week” in December 5 – 12. In lieu of in church hosting FP is requesting Byrne Dairy gas cards and food cards from Tops and Wal-Mart.

Thanks as always for all you do for homeless children and their families in Ontario County. Please reach out to Rich Cromwell directly at or 585-370-0839 if you would like to discuss any of the above information or would like to volunteer.