Beautifying the sanctuary for worship, with floral arrangements and banners: 

The Worship Committee knows that most folks enjoy having the sanctuary look beautiful for worship and part of that is the floral arrangements that we have had over the years.  For that reason we would like to offer everyone the opportunity to provide flowers on any given Sunday and that can be done in honor or memory of someone special in your life.  

For each communion Sunday (the first Sunday of each month), we would like to have living arrangements or plants provided.  To do that we would ask that any interested person sign up using our online “Signup Genius” platform. You can click on this link and it will take you directly to the website to sign up for any given Sunday. While our goal is to have live arrangements on the first Sunday of each month, if you would like to provide them for any other Sunday, that request would not be refused. 

If you do sign up, please indicate in the comments section of SignUp Genius what you would like done with the arrangement after the service is over.  For example: “I will be in church to take the arrangement home with me.” Or, “Please donate my arrangement to a ‘shut in’ person.” We also can accept up to 2 floral arrangements per Sunday if someone else has already signed up on a particularly special Sunday that you would like to have flowers in church.

As an alternative, we would like to purchase some different “silk” arrangements to have for the Sundays that there are no live arrangements given.  For that we would ask anyone willing to please offer a donation of whatever amount you may feel called to give and send that into through your favorite giving medium earmarked for “silk floral arrangements.”

Update 6/7/2021: All banners have been sponsored!! Thank you, thank you!!

Have you noticed the praise banners on each side of the pulpit?
Liturgical colors signify a time or event in the life of the church. The worship committee has been displaying these colors regularly and would like to express there meaning more formally with banners. We are hoping that YOU, members of the congregation would like to sponsor one banner or a set of banners. Call a friend and you can each buy one to make a set.  Right now we are looking to fulfill  the yearly Liturgical  calendar. As of now we have the  Lenten season ( displayed right now) in the stained glass series which works well with our church architecture. We also have a set for the ordinary WW times which is the green stained glass set in the series. We hope to round the year out with sponsorship of (2)Advent, (2)Christmas, (2) Epiphany, (2) Palm Sunday and (2)Easter banners. In the future we look forward to offering more opportunities of sponsorship to celebrate church life.
*The banners are $39.00 each and right now the company is offering 20%  discount and free shipping.* Please contact the church office for exact pricing before sending payment, or if you have any questions!

Banners are 18”x5” long. Pictures are included the May newsletter.
Palms (2)options for Palm Sunday
Poinsettia (2) needed for Christmas Eve/day.
Manger and Angel set for up to Epiphany Sunday
If you would like to sponsor a set of banners or one banner please contact the church office. We’re looking forward to your help to freshening up our sanctuary.

Thank you to those that have already sponsored banners:

Thank you to Brian and Many Wiser  for sponsoring the Lenten banner set and the Ordinary time banner set.

Thank you to Jeff and Jan Astles for sponsoring the Pentecost banner set.

Thank you to Dean and Phidelia Cornwell for sponsoring the Communion banner.

Thank you to Kathleen and Dan Wagner for sponsoring the Easter set.

Thank you to Ardyce Lake for sponsoring the Advent banners.

Thank you to Karen Provvidenza for sponsoring the manger and angel banners.

Thank you to Jean and Tom Hassett for sponsoring the Palm Sunday banners.

Thank you to Donna and David Schake for sponsoring the Christmas Eve/Christmas banners.

Thank you,
The Worship Committee