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Church Youth Group Opportunities

There are several opportunities for youth to be
involved in our church this fall.
See below for more information on:
1) Youth Sunday School with Victor United Methodist Church
2) Confirmation Study Series with Presbytery of Genesee Valley

1) Youth Sunday School with Victor United Methodist Church
We are partnering with our neighbors again this year.  Here are some upcoming events:
November 6 – Sunday school 10 -11am at Victor United Methodist Church. Dottie Augustine and/or their pastor will lead Sunday school and fellowship for the youth. Meeting room TBD.
November 23 – Community Lutheran Ministries (Same church as Maggie’s Kids) – Serve Thanksgiving meal. More details will follow.

2) Confirmation Study Series with Presbytery of Genesee Valley
I’m very excited to learn about a collaborative effort to offer a confirmation class opportunity for our youth- 7th grade and older. These are free, once-a-month sessions hosted by local churches with most dates meeting for around 2-3 hours. Click HERE for tentative schedule for more details. As I understand from the organizer- Reverend Michelle Allen (First Pres
Church East Avon), there is no requirement to attend all the sessions to participate in the program. We can arrange transportation/carpooling as needed. The first intro meeting is Saturday, October 15 from 3-5pm at our church.

If your child is already confirmed, they can still participate in any of the study sessions. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please let me know as soon as possible.

Let me know any questions or activity ideas for the program.  There are always ways to get involved and stay connected with helping with community dinner, coffee hour, or participating in the service to name a few.
Thanks very much and looking forward to seeing you!
Cathy Martz

VFFC Thanksgiving Baskets

Please consider a monetary donation, which will go towards the purchase of holiday food. For $55, VFFC will be able to provide a Thanksgiving Basket that will include many of the items we all enjoy at our own holiday tables. Read more about this mission HERE.

PGV Ganondagan Fall Gathering

Learn more HERE

Blessings n’ Blankets

New Group Forming in Partnership with our Victor Methodist and Lutheran friends in Christ!

Victor Stitch-n-Chat 

Starting Wednesday, September 21, 1-2:30 PM

All handcrafters are invited to join us for 90 minutes of stitching and chatting!  We meet on the third Wednesday of every month from 1-2:30 PM at First Presbyterian Church in Victor.

Bring your current project (knitting, crocheting, tatting, embroidery, paper crafting, etc.), work on a prayer (comfort) shawl or start a square for Blessings ‘n Blankets!  All skill levels are welcome.  Want to learn to knit or crochet?  We can help!  Contact Brenda Dean at for more information.


We’re making 10” x 10” squares to join together to make blankets. The blankets will be donated to one or more community organizations (TBD) that may have a need. 

Use worsted weight (#4) washable yarn and weave in all ends. The finished square should be 10 inches by 10 inches and dropped off/sent to First Presbyterian Church in Victor, 70 E Main St, Victor, NY  14564.

In a few months we will begin joining squares together into blankets. Email, text or call Brenda Dean if you wish to be added to the list for our joining parties. , 

Wondering what the finished blankets might look like? Here are some that were made by a church in Atlanta! There are over 2000 squares that have been sewn into 55 blankets.

Join “Blessings ‘n Blankets” on Facebook where you can upload pictures of the squares you’ve created or share additional patterns. Here’s a quick and easy way to join.

If you’re not on Facebook, I’ve included links below to patterns I’ve found – or use any pattern you like!

Knit patterns

Crochet patterns

Your Mission Dollars at Work!

The majority of Mission money comes from the weekly offering.

Every week, 10% of the money collected is designated for Mission.

Of that money, we give every month:

 $167 for rent support to the Victor-Farmington Food Cupboard

 $150 for general support of the Victor-Farmington Food Cupboard

 $250 to Family Promise of Ontario County

 $150 to Habitat for Humanity of Ontario County

 $150 to Serenity House

 $720 (per year) to Pastor Sam’s Orphanage in Uganda

The remaining money is used throughout the year for: Community Dinners, Maggie’s Kids, Angel Tree, Back-to-School supply kits, etc.

Thank you for your support!

Presbytery Survey

Dear Fellow Presbytery of Genesee Valley Members,

Over the past several months, members of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley leadership have been meeting with leaders from our nearby and neighboring Presbyteries including Western NY, Geneva, Cayuga-Syracuse and Lake Erie. During this time, we have been sharing, dreaming, and sometimes grumbling about the many ways in which our churches and presbyteries have changed over the past several years.

This time has allowed us to see the many commonalities that we share at the Mid-Council level, as well as those shared from church to church. Each of our presbyteries individually as well as collectively is discerning how we can best serve our communities during this time and into the future. We have been gathering smaller groups of committee leaders from across these five presbyteries to collaborate on training, resources sharing and more. In order to engage our entire membership in this collaboration we need to gather some information. The survey (link below) has been designed by members of each presbytery for the purpose of getting information and perspective from across a broad range of our members. The same survey will be shared across these five presbyteries.

We strongly encourage as many people as possible to complete this survey. The survey is very comprehensive, at 37 questions long, so you should plan to set aside 20 minutes to complete it fully.  

To take your survey online, simply visit this web address: using the web browser you currently prefer (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge,  Safari, etc.)

We ask that each person take the survey for themselves. We want to hear each person’s unique perspective. If you have multiple survey takers in your household, please close your browser window after one person takes the survey and open an incognito or in-private window for the next person. This will avoid getting a message that the survey has already been completed.  

We want as many people from as many congregations to take this survey (not just one representative per congregation), so as an incentive, we are offering:

  • $250 toward a Session-designated ministry for the congregation with the most surveys returned
  • $150 toward a Session-designated ministry for second place
  • $100 toward a Session-designated ministry for third place

We thank you in advance for sharing your unique perspective with us.
Lea Kone, PGV Moderator

Upcoming Book Study

Mark your calendars! We want to let you know about an upcoming book study opportunity. Clay Girouard will be leading a 6-week book study of “None Like Him” by Jen Wilkin. The study will be in-person at the church on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8pm, with an option to stay for a brief prayer time after. The study will begin on Thursday, May 5th and conclude on Thursday June 9th. The book can be purchased through multiple online sellers, please purchase your book prior to the first class. Please register by filling in this form or by contacting Courtney in the office at Have questions? Contact Clay Girouard at 585-727-6848

From Pastor Nick: Easter Triduum

Greetings to you members and friends of First Presbyterian in Victor:

I recognize that this year’s Holy Week probably looks and feels a bit different than some of us may be used to.  Our Maundy Thursday dinner hosted by the Deacons is serving a dual role and purpose: first is to celebrate and come together as a community of faith given that it has been awhile since we have had a formal meal together, second is to join the Church universal in singing, praying, and learning again Jesus’ final command on Maundy Thursday to ‘love one another.’  Below is an excerpt from the Presbyterian Mission Agency on these three days we commemorate Jesus’ passion.  Following it is a suggestion for scripture reading and prayer as we immerse ourselves in the Easter Story wherever we may be.

“One of the first annual events of the Christian year, after the celebration of the resurrection on every Lord’s Day, was a commemoration of Christ’s dying and rising at Easter. Over the years, one day was split into three different rituals to remember the Last Supper and New Commandment (Maundy Thursday), the Crucifixion (Good Friday) and the struggle to make meaning of the cross in light of the whole of salvation history (the Great Vigil) — all culminating in Easter at day break.

What was originally one annual service remembering the Lord’s death and resurrection became split into separate services in order to pay closer attention to the significant details of Christ’s death and resurrection. These were considered to be part of one salvific activity of God and thus celebrated as such without a benediction until the end of the service with the Easter announcement that “Christ is risen!”

The Three Days or Triduum (Maundy Thursday at sundown through sundown of Easter) are the most solemn of the church year. The whole church’s participation is encouraged in this time of great significance for all who would be formed in the Christian faith, especially catechumens. The Great Vigil of Easter was the time set aside for the annual baptism of new Christians, coinciding with the eucharistic dawning of God’s reign in the risen Lord Jesus Christ.”

Consider reading any or all these stories: 

Matthew 26:26-27:61; Mark 14:32-15:47; Luke 22:47-23:56; John 18:1-19:30 

(*note: where John’s gospel says ‘Jews/Jewish Leaders’ the translation here is problematic and can be seen as antisemitic.  Please be sensitive with yourself and our Jewish brothers and sisters who do not—and whom we should not—identify with Jesus’ crucifixion.) 

As you read ask yourself these questions: 

  • Where is God?  
  • Where would I place myself in this story?  
  • What is being stirred within me (emotionally, spiritually, mentally)?  

Take time to pray, to ask God about the answers you had to these questions and share with others what you found most compelling.

As we prepare to celebrate together Easter morning, take comfort that even when we don’t get it, make mistakes (and we all do), and even when we “fall asleep;” God still loves us, forgives us, and promises us new life through Jesus Christ.

In love and service,

Pastor Nick

Family Promise News & Needs | April 2022

1. In 2021, Family Promise provided Emergency Shelter for 53 people, 4977 bednights, 14,931 meals, average length of stay 97 days, and prevented 102 families from becoming homeless with rental assistance.

2. Family Promise Day of Giving (online) is Thursday April 28, 2022, with all proceeds funding the HUMI Challenge Grant. HUMI is a nonprofit organization working with communities to fund and create programs to help families facing a housing crisis.

3. Bed Race: July 30th volunteer opportunities! Looking for couples volunteers to help organize and run the Bed Race in Canandaigua. Leadership will be provided to help set-up tables, display signs, log in race participants, and run the race. Also, looking for a team of 5 to run the race with a VFPC pre-made bed. Event runs that Saturday morning from approx. 8am-12pm.  See Rich Cromwell for details.

Elder & Deacon Openings

Dear FPCV Congregation,
This is a critical time for our church, with dear Pastor Nick being with us in an interim capacity, Covid leading to churches in general getting smaller in size (as families have taken on new family practices) , and most, if not all of us stressed in one capacity or another with the pressure that has only escalated with Covid.  We on the Nominating Committee have volunteered out of a desire to help our church continue in the wonderful capacity of Community and Worship that brought us all here in the first place. We can not begin to express how appreciative we will all be for anyone in the congregation who feels so called or is willing to help all of us  out over this next Session and Deacon period by Volunteering your involvement.
Along with Covid and the need for flexibility, there is now an option for meetings to be on-line or a combination of some people at church and others on-line. I know this has made it possible for me to serve, as my work hours make it hard to get down to church.  I don’t want this to sound like too desperate of a plea for help, but we will be very grateful to anyone willing to come aboard. There is a once a month meeting and then projects along the way- committee meetings vary in frequency, but there is no need to feel overcommitted. We can find a way to  make it work; no one needs more stress!
There are 6 openings for Deacons, and 5 or 6 openings on Session.
Please give prayer, consideration, and perspective to a way of serving as a Deacon or an Elder in a capacity that fits in with  busy schedules, yet keeps us a caring, loving, and supportive congregation. It would be great to hear back from those who can help us out by March 15. Our goal is to get everything wrapped up as soon as possible-ideally before Easter week (as some of us are traveling). Names will be presented at the meeting in early May. Please Contact Martí Mowers at 585-330-0472 to discuss possible interest.
Thanks very much, With Blessings and Appreciation,
Marti Mowers, Kelsey Bright, Ruth Dreste,  Clay Girouard , and Steve Mowers
FPCV Nomination Committee

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